Auction Broadcasting Company (ABC) LLC has become a leader in the auto auction industry by combining experience, teamwork and technology. It knows an auction is only as good as its people and its people are the best in the business, the company says.

An auto auction is a unique experience, President Jason Hockett observes. “The best way to describe it is organized chaos,” he says. “It is fascinating how everything comes together.”

The number of autos ABC auctions varies. At some locations it might be 1,500 or 1,700 per week and at others only 400, Hockett says. ABC operates auction sites in Baton Rouge, La.; Birmingham, Ala.; Bowling Green, Ky.; Toledo, Ohio; Lancaster, Pa.; Orlando, Fla.; and St. Louis, Mo. 

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Shortly after establishing his first local rail line in 1887, Arthur E. Stilwell started working toward a vision for a new rail route many of his peers considered unrealistic. Although most railroads at the time were being built east to west, Stilwell envisioned a north-south route linking his home of Kansas City, Mo., directly to the Gulf of Mexico.

Stilwell, the founder of the Kansas City Suburban Belt Railway – which served industrial districts in Kansas City as well as Independence, Mo., and Kansas City, Kan., – realized his dream in 1897, when he completed the Kansas City, Pittsburg and Gulf Railroad. The railroad ran south from Kansas City through Shreveport, La., terminating at Port Arthur, Texas – a gulf port city named for Stilwell.

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Ben Bauman, CEO of Bolt Express, considers his company culture to be one of its biggest competitive advantages. The Bolt management team has embraced a servant leadership style that focuses on the growth and development of its employees as a way to ensure an overwhelmingly positive experience for the company’s customers.

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“Just in time” is the name of the game in trucking nowadays, and not just in the automotive industry that comprises approximately 65 percent of Venture Logistics’ business. “We found out over the years that everybody has become just in time,” President and CEO Doug Williams declares. “It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Everybody expects it to be there on a scheduled basis, not like the old days when just the automotive people wanted that.”

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Most people never think about it, but their cars travel hundreds if not thousands of miles before the odometer rolls over one digit. Auto manufacturing is a global business today, with American cars and foreign-made cars passing each other on the shipping lanes. As would be expected, the vessels that have to carry these vehicles across the oceans need to be well-built and reliable. That’s where Höegh Autoliners has made its name over the past four decades, and where the company continues to build a strong reputation for quality and service to its auto manufacturing customers worldwide.

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Moving goods in a global economy is a highly synchronized effort. From the outside looking in, the technology, capacity and communication it takes to move products from nation to nation, state to state and ultimately to the retail consumer seem close to impossible to people outside the business. However, veterans in the field of importing and exporting know that through well-defined processes, strategic locations and a network of highly professional transportation and logistics partners, an otherwise daunting dance can be turned into seamless choreography.

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