Piedmont Peterbilt has become a trusted name over the past 24 years in the Greensboro, N.C., area for its quality service and maintenance of heavy-duty trucks. “Everyone knows us in the area because we have been here a long time and built our reputation on trust,” President and CEO Jerry Stafford says. “They want good service and the truth. When people come in we first tell them the truth and do the job right and the second thing is we hopefully make a profit. That’s our philosophy.” 

The Stafford family got its start in the industry in the 1960s as a Ford dealer before it decided to apply for a Peterbilt franchise in 1990. It was awarded the franchise a year later and opened a four-bay garage with six employees. Three years later, Piedmont Peterbilt moved into the larger facility it still operates out of today with a total of 18 employees. The shop is in a prime location off of I-40 with exits from the east and west that lead right to it. 

Today, Piedmont Peterbilt employs 79 people to operate its service department equipped with 21 bays, retail and shop counter, body and paint shop with seven bays and parts department that is supported by three warehouses of inventory. Although the company is a new and used Peterbilt truck dealer, its full-service shop is open to any heavy-duty truck. Most of the company’s business is maintaining company fleets with an average of 80 trucks, as well as owner/operator trucks.  

“The biggest thing I have been told by our customers is that there are not many dealerships where you can walk in and have an open-door policy to talking to the owner,” Stafford notes. “A lot of times people don’t know I’m the owner because I’m here all the time. That’s what sets us apart – I’m available at all times. I’m here, know what’s going on and solve problems so we can move forward.”

Dependable Service

Piedmont Peterbilt prides itself on delivering service its customers can rely on. If a truck needs repairs in its service area and cannot make it to the shop, the company will pick up the truck, repair it and take it back to the owner. “A lot of places don’t do that and we have a small area of responsibility – 14 counties with the furthest being 75 miles away,” Stafford says. “That’s just part of our service.” 

The company’s service department performs minor repairs to major overhauls, and services all makes of trucks. Piedmont Peterbilt’s service department also offers road and wrecker service and electronic engine diagnostics. Its state-of-the-art paint and body shop offers custom paint jobs, striping, frame stretching and shortening, minor or major body repairs, various installations and free estimates. It is the only body shop within the Greensboro area with hydraulic man lifts in the paint booth, Stafford notes. 

Its parts department also boasts an exceptional delivery program that sends out parts as needed. Piedmont Peterbilt employs 10 salespeople – five answering daily customer requests over the phone and five who visit facilities daily for orders – who are backed up by five parts delivery trucks. The company stocks premium parts and products to meet the highest standards of its customers. “Our parts department delivers value, selection and savings so our customers always find the prices that fit their budget, professionals that know their truck and trusted brands that meet OEM specifications,” the company says. 

Growing Demands

Engine maintenance and repair are a major focus at Piedmont Peterbilt and its mechanics are sent to training courses throughout the year to ensure the company is aware of the latest EPA regulations. The EPA emissions and better fuel economy requirements have been a major obstacle for the company, Service Manager Anthony Brown says. “Our biggest challenge is dealing with the EPA and check engine lights to keep drivers on the road,” he adds. “We are constantly sending mechanics to electrical and engine schools, doing online tests and everything we can to stay on top of the up-and-coming new products.” 

Because engines can require more than general maintenance, Piedmont Peterbilt is looking to expand its facility by opening an additional 10-bay repair shop that would focus only on major engine overhauls. “Maintenance is a lot quicker than an engine overhaul and we are trying to grow our business by opening that shop and being more efficient,” Stafford says. 

In addition to the engine shop, Piedmont Peterbilt is also looking to add a service bay, and an inspection and pre-trip area. “We measure our success by the contributions we are able to make to our customers’ success,” Stafford notes. “If we can help them become more competitive, that’s how we succeed.” 

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